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Thread: Dog Whistles from Antler Horn

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    Dog Whistles from Antler Horn


    I have bits of Antler, I have a dog and Mrs Heym can't whistle very well, so have the need to make a dog whistle and I am not going pay the ridiculous amounts some will charge for such.

    What diameter hole do I need to drill and how big should the cross slot be. I am assuming larger hole, larger slot = lower tone?

    Many thanks

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    3-5mm depending on what size dowel you can get
    i have made a few
    For Sale: Deer Horn Whistles, Keyrings, Buttons etc etc

    v groove should be vertical at the mouth end and taper up away from you
    cut the vertical slot so it goes about 1/4-1/3 of the way into the drilled hole

    shave the top of the dowel and flatten it slightly to create the void for the air to go through once inserted
    flatten and sharpen the trailing edge inside the "chamber"

    insert dowel so trailing edge is just flush with vertical cut
    test for pitch and clarity
    mark and glue in place
    shape mouthpeice

    annoy neighbours
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    look at an Acme and copy it, they're not that dear to buy and will give you a backup when you lose misplace the antler jobby. I've got the 211 which is fairly high pithed for my labs deerwarden

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    Thanks gents. Well after a couple of poor attempts - too large / too deep cuts - made a good whistle. Now need to get my head around getting the right pitch.

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    I do like the stag or horn whistles must try to make one myself. deerwarden

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    I too have made some stag horn whistles but unlike B500 i make the mouth end a bit longer and more shaped.


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