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Thread: Warm Padded Fleece

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    Warm Padded Fleece

    Just a quick heads up for those 'thin skinned southerners' or those Wild Boar hunters that visit cold climes during the winter months.
    Last winter I bought an anti pill, high neck, fleece with chunkey knit sleeves, quilt padded throughout in the Edinburgh Woollen Mill outlet in Andover for 60.00.
    I have just been to the Wilton shopping village and the same outlet has them at half price.
    So for 30 you can not only look smart ;-) but also keep very warm.
    I was tempted to buy another but when I looked at the one I have, it still has a few years to go yet, so didn't.
    It doesn't say anywhere on it that it is shower proof but I have worn mine when it has started to rain and it has taken a days rain to soak through but two days to dry out, a bit like the army greatcoats of a bygone era.
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