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Thread: Camping at the Midland Game Fair

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    Camping at the Midland Game Fair

    Does anyone know if you can take a caravan to the Midland Game Fair? They have a campsite with electric hook up but I'm not sure if it's just tents.

    Has anyone camped there before? What's it like? Would we be better trying to get into one of the other local campsites. I'm thinking about taking the family for the weekend.



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    Hi Mac

    The camp site is good , showers & toilets to.

    there is normally a shop on site for food & a couple of catering vans plus beer tent.

    plenty of caravans/campers there.

    does get cold of the night .

    ATB Jason

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    It must have changed then in the last few years as we stayed on the campsite some years ago and it was truly dreadful with only the very minimal of facilities.
    Certainly nothing like the CLA campsite which though not cheap was absolutely first rate and that was only a temporary facility.
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    It will cost you an arm and leg, listed on the web site.


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