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Thread: Stag

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    Just a little light weight stag

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    A handsome stag, but could the chap in the picture be sitting any further away in the distance to make things look any bigger.....??? Always makes me chuckle when people do that.
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    Almost a shame to shoot such a fine beast

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    Not in the UK? More than likely Poland, Hungary. Nothing wrong with taking a big stag out to allow other stags to move up, that's how you manage deer and pay for the lease.
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    Looks like several of the stags I've seen in Croatia. Cut up into dog chews those antlers would last my four a lifetime!!
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    Nz stag
    breed for genetics
    some of these big stags break there skull caps when they hit the ground they are so heavy.

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    Nice stag, bet you didn't move it on your own?

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    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    Jesus H! What did you take that beast down with, 84mm carl Gustav? Amazing animal, really well done to you sir.
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