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    Ballistic data -/+ info


    A couple of questions I'm sure some ballistic gurus will know the answer to please. when you buy a box of ammo, inside the box is normally the ballistic data with the distance, velocity, energy and -/+ inches at different distances. How accurate is the -/+ data? Can you trust it as a guide to aiming off at those distances?

    Such as
    50y -0.4"
    100y +,
    150y -0.9"
    200y -3.4"
    250y -7.5" and so on. Ideally I need to find out for myself I know.

    My ammo is 150g sp by RWS for a .308 heavy barrel, which is zeroed one inch high at 100y.

    The ballistic data from RWS is for a 23.5" barrel, zeroed at 100y. How different would it be for a 20" barrel?

    Many thanks John

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    Dont trust it, it is a guide but no more. There is no substitute for test firing with your rifle and ammo, even if you can just zero at 100 and 200 yards that will give you a decent idea of your trajectory over normal sporting ranges.
    You will probably lose around 50fps per inch of barrel length as far as i am aware.


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    Seeing as how each barrel behaves differently how can the printed data bear anymore than a rough suggestion to the performance it will give through "YOUR" barrel. Velocity loss through a shorter barrel again is never exact so the only way to find out is to get a decent chronograph and try it out. You now have a good reason to spend some time at the range .

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    Thanks for the replies chaps. That's pretty much what I thought. I would love to get down the range but the only one near me is Bisley and is such a ball ache to join it's unreal. What I need to a friendly farmer with a big field. Would love to spend the day just trying different rounds and ranges. Cheers John.

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