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Thread: Kahles K624i review

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    Kahles K624i review

    Interesting review in the current issue of Sniper (new publication from Guns&Ammo, not sure if it will be produced annually or more often in future) now reproduced on the Kahles website

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    The maintube is machined from one chunk of billet aluminum and then stress-relieved prior to assembly.
    This process ensures that the crosshairs won’t move if the scope sits in a position where the sun hits
    it on one side. Many scopes will have migrating crosshairs if the sun shines on one side for too long.
    The uneven heat causes the tube to warp, so the crosshairs move toward the heat source
    Shame they have to write such utter bovine scat like the above quote - stress relieving has NOTHING to do with asymmetric heating of the tube.
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