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Thread: 6x47 lapua or 6x47

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    6x47 lapua or 6x47

    Hi All, you cant buy a 6x47 lapua if you only have a 6x47 on your ticket variation as they are two different calibres, right or wrong? and if someone sold you the lapua version, with only 6x47 condition would you then be in position of an illegal firearm? thanks Dean

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    the 6 is the calibre bit

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    From memory my ticket only said I could acquire a 6.5x47 not a 6.5x47 Lapua.

    What else could the cartridge be other than a Lapua if it was 6x47 or 6.5x47??

    Hang on a minute, just consulted Google and there is also a 6x47 perhaps someone might get the hump if your ticket only says 6x47. Probably not anyone trying to sell you a rifle right enough!!


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    6x47 is fine on your ticket. I don't think many .243, .308 tickets state Winchester on them. But then again it probably depends on your firearms dept.

    The real 6x47 is actually a 6mm-222 Remington Magnum

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    yes 6x47 lapua is a 6.5x47 case necked down and a 6x47 is a 222 magnum necked up different case
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    The key is to just ask for a 6mm, 6.5mm or 7mm rifle and get your ticket authorised for such......
    once on your ticket you can then get ANY 6mm, 6.5mm or 7mm
    The trick is getting your local Plod to sanction it as such!
    Good old Dorset! ������

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorsettaff View Post
    The trick is getting your local Plod to sanction it as such!
    Must admit I tried this approach with Lancashire (asked for 6.5) but was refused.


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    spoke to lady at firearms licencing Wednesday asked her if it was worded as asked for she said yes, then it comes back short, cant risk buying the lapua version incase its classed as illegal weapon in possession of, have to wait till Monday for clarification, better safe than sorry, not waiting another eight weeks so just abandon the project

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    yes waited eight weeks then it comes back wrong, what a waste of time cant risk buying lap version then run the risk of being in possession of an illegal firearm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deanandrew64 View Post
    yes 6x47 lapua is a 6.5x47 case necked down and a 6x47 is a 222 Remington Magnum necked up different case
    Don't forget about 6 x 47 SM (Swiss Match), however keep in mind 6 x 47 Lapua is not a CIP or SAAMI approved cartridge, it's a wildcat. Regards JCS

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