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Thread: a honest write up

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    a honest write up

    Right I would like to start of by saying thank you to james from jager sa as he has taken some time out of his very busy work load to help me out. as iv had to pack my lathe and other things away becouse of reasons I don't want to go into!! I have my first rifle build project on the go and he has helped me out with loads of really good advice and by even chambering and threading my barrel becouse I no longer have the tools to do it by myself but not only has he do this wich is more than every person I have tryed to talk to with no I repete no success but he invited me up to his workshop for the day and took the time to show me what and how I should do thing properly and even how to recover from problams that can occur as a result of his kindness and professionalism I now have a exactly what I wanted a short 1in10 twist barrel ready for me to finish my build so thank you again

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    Sorry to hear of your misfortune. Really glad that a great guy could help you out. Hope the new rifle proves to be really good!

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    Thanks takbok he is a top fella shame more can't be as helpful. And hopefully the rifle will work out well just need my stock to arrive.then it's decisions about glass
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    Let us know how it goes.

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    Will do mate I'll post some pics and targets once it's sorted

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