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    Evening all,

    I've been on here a while but just browsing, not posted yet, but as today I shot my first roe buck I thought it might be a good time to introduce myself.

    I've shot shotguns since I was knee high to a grasshopper, had a bit of a gap through a period where rugby then women got into the way, then started again about 10 years ago and have loved it. Started agin as I was invited on a pheasant shoot, which progressed into joining a pheasant shoot syndicate and then getting into rifles as well. I don't get out shooting anywhere near as much as I would like due to work and three kids but try and make the most of it when I can.

    i've shot a few muntjac previously, and today got my first roe buck after a very enjoyable stalk and a not so enjoyable carry back to the car as it was pretty warm this morning and I need to get a bit fitter!!!

    anyway, that's my introduction, nice to meet you all.

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    Welcome to the site

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    Great intro. Hi.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome nice buck to start with

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    Welcome to SD!

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    Thank you all. He is going to feature at the party after my son's christening, had a muntie for my eldests but was empty handed for the middle one. The muntie went down a treat and the chicken dishes that I made were left sitting there. Looking forward to a game feast with this roe being the centrepiece. Will have to do a chicken/pork dish as my wife is a pain in the neck and will pretty much only eat factory farmed animals. I am working on her but it's taking a very, very long time. She is getting better and I will keep trying.

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