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    This goes out to the fridgeologists.can I switch my chiller on and of when not in use without damaging it.i can't see the point of leaving it on for a week say when it's empty.thoughts please.atb swaro

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    I don't see why not, especially if you are talking about a domestic fridge / drinks chiller size of box.

    I would imagine to an extent it would depend on the quality of your fridge components. The duty cycle in welder terms. What thermal mass it can chill in one go.

    As far as I know fridges are designed to switch on and off in cycles controlled by a thermostat, the compressors don't run at a constant 4˚. They run flat out until the the temp is down to 3˚ switch off completely then when it gets up to 5˚ switch on flat out again...(temperature tolerance guessed at).

    The only advantage of leaving the fridge on constantly when empty would be that the air, the lining and insulation of the box and its fittings are maintained at a nearer constant temperature. Those don't have much thermal mass, and the cycling frequency would be in rapid short bursts.

    In order to reduce the temperature of a carcass which has much more thermal mass than the interior lining and your gambrel support system, the compressor is going to be running flat out for a long time whether the interior air started at 4˚ or 20˚.

    You might reduce that long continuous burst of compressing / working (which may be kinder on the compressor) by storing and chilling water bottles in the fridge and leaving as many of them as possible in there when you put in the carcass. Use their thermal mass to help speed up the carcass chilling. But it will be a greater amount of energy used overall.

    But even with bottles I would only turn the fridge on the day before you are expecting to chill a beast, and if you are trying to reduce the long burst of compressor running you would add the bottles bit by bit rather than all together.

    Just hope that Sikadog spots this and gives his professional opinion.

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    My chiller is a wine cooler, yes is does run at 5c which seems to be its lowest setting though it does show 4c at times, its inch perfect for height for a good roe deer to hang and a heating system header tank fits in the bottom perfect to catch what drips out and drops off, I hate them keds grrrrr.fanx for your reply alantoo

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    I've got two converted large fridges used only for deer and both are switched on & off all the time without issue.

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