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Thread: Blaser R8

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    Blaser R8

    Anyone using one and ready to report yet?

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    Used one up at the WMS facility in wales a few weeks ago (rupert, the uK importer was there testing a new one) verdict - **** hot! Sadly, with the euro, quite expensive, but they are bringing in the Pro synthetic which shall be 2400 plus scope and rings. the mag was much needed on the R93 concept, as the load thru top is the downside of all these othwerwise excellent guns. we were nailing a 400 yard target EVERY time in .308 - I have rarely expereinced such an accurate off the shelf rifle!

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    Anyone any idea when the synthetic stock R8 will be available?

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    Mid/end June I think for the synthetic. The importers have been showing dealers a pre production example for the last couple of weeks as I understand it.

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