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Thread: What's the difference?

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    What's the difference?

    I've been looking at getting a new pair of binos and while looking on the Uttings website I noticed that there are two different models of the 8.5 x 42 swarovision. One is the EL 8.5 x 42 WB swarovision and the others are 8.5 x 42 EL swarovision, the WB models are 240 more expensive but the only difference I can find is that they're slighty bigger and 5grms heavier. Can anyone tell me anything more??


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    found you some light reading :--
    First of all, just what is Swarovision and why is it special? In a nutshell, Swarovision is a Swarovski term which encompasses a combination of field flattener lenses made with fluoride which, combined with long eye relief of 20mm and what Swarovski terms "optimized coatings." "Field flattener" lenses flatten the field of view optically so that there is no perceived pincushion distortion which is often engineered into optics to eliminate rolling ball or globe distortion experienced when panning across a scene. The use of fluoride in the manufacture of the glass used for the objective lenses in Swarovision makes them High Density (or Extra-low Dispersion, if you prefer) lenses and provides the best color fidelity presently possible - largely through reduction of chromatic aberration. (Swarovski points out that the machining process for the HD objective lenses is both sophisticated and complex and simply using fluoride glass in a binocular won't produce exceptional results if the entire optical system isn't tweaked for corresponding high performance.)
    Speaking of chromatic aberration, none of us were able to induce it in common situations. Is it possible to induce chromatic aberration? We've heard some say that they were able to see color fringing on early production models of the Swarovski EL binoculars with Swarovision. We don't know whether that means that it was addressed by Swarovski before the model we tested for this review was made or we just didn't try hard enough, but all we were able to find was a faint yellow fringe above dark wires or branches against a clear, bright sky and just a touch of blue fringe below the wires/branches — when viewed at the periphery of the field of view. It's worth noting that we only detected that after using the Swarovski EL binoculars for some time and then only when studiously looking for it!
    Lastly, before we start the binoculars (EL Swarovski) review, let's take a moment to recognize what the letters "WB" mean. The "W" is for a German word that means "wide angle." With European binocular makers, an apparent field of view greater than 60 is considered a wide angle optic. The "B" stands for a German word which means "twist-up eyecups" provided so the binocular is usable by those who wear eyeglasses and those who don't. All together, it would be correct to say we're talking about a Swarovski EL 10X42 W B Swarovision binocular. The "Swarovision" is added to distinguish this binocular from its predecessor, which was often simply referred to as the Swarovski EL W B.

    Read more from original site:

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    I did find the meaning of the WB part but as far as I'm aware both models have the same field of view and twist up eye cups so no farther forward but thanks anyway!

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    I'd buy a set of secondhand EL's or better still a set of SH EL range finding ones

    save a good few quid and be happier

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    I had EL'S WB 8.5x42 was very happy, i only sold them as I now use the v8 and my rf to view with . I also though about the RF ones but then found out the RF has not got the same back up on repairs for as long I was told so did't .

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