The focus here is hunting and shooting sports, but it finally dawned on me that a lot of SD members visit the USA and Canada, or work there for years at a stint, and may want to know about things other than hunting and fishing.

This was brought home to me this week, as I took off on a driving tour to research ancestral history in Virginia by retracing the steps of some, and visiting the home places. My ancestors have owned about 80 Colonial farms in the Shenandoah Valley, as well as others in the Tidewater. While locating some of them, and visiting less-well-known historical sites, I got to thinking that there are lots of things to do in all the states, which are inexpensive family activities, with lots of interest for children, and educational for them, as well.

In the area of history, some of you may have ancestors or relatives of ancestors, who emigrated to America, or served there in the British Army, or Royal Navy, or were sea-faring merchants. You might be surprised to find records of them related to some place you can actually visit or walk around. For example, it was interesting to me to see hunting knives made in the 1700s which were exactly like some I see made by SD members today. But there are all sorts of other things, too, like places to dig for Ice Age fossils, caverns, parks, hikes, river trips, festivals, etc - things other than the gaudy commercial stuff.

So I am inviting you to ask the members here, especially those of us from the East Coast, and Tennessee ( which was part of North Carolina and South Carolina ).