For sale, Winchester model 1894AE (angle eject) lever action rifle, proofed and stamped 357 Magnum, shoots 38 Special as well. 16 inch barrel sling swivel stud in butt and clamp type stud on front of magazine tube. Holds 9 rounds 357 Mag or 10 rounds 38 Special. Very tidy with just a few minor stock dinks. Open sights can still be used with the scope attached as the special Millet rings are raised. Scope is a no nonsense basic Burris Fullfield II 3-9x40, inch tube, duplex crosshair, good glass. Would like to sell as the complete package. I bought this at Christmas but I find gallery rifle is not really for me, I'm sticking to stalking, bunnies and airgunning. Ideal package for someone else thinking of giving it a go for not a lot of money.

Sorry no pics as I don't have the means.

Ideally you will have a slot on your ticket for 38/357 but I could reserve until variation approved if buyer is serious i.e. prepared to put up a deposit. Face to face or RFD to RFD only.

If not as described then I will offer a full refund.

500 including RFD outgoing costs