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Thread: Left or right?

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    Left or right?

    Hi all, looking for a little advice. I am an avid fly fisher but also my shooting, my son who is five also enjoys coming with me whether after a trout of an evening on rabbits, my query is that recently I bought an air rifle for him ( that's what I told the wife!) it's a beautiful Bsa r10 but the stock is designed only for a right handed, obviously my other five rifles are also designed for right handed shooting but he is left handed, so my quandary is do I teach him to shoot right handed so they all work for him or do I have to tell the wife that we need yet another cabinet, I look forward to your feed back, regards Tom

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    I don't see any point in doing anything other than what is comfortable for him. I believe that the master eye doesn't develop properly until their teenage years so that shouldn't impact too much on the decision, although should be considered.

    We've got one of each, although the left-hander prefers to shoot from the right shoulder.

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    Thanks, i just thought i'd see if other people had come across this issue.

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    Talking as a left hander with left eye dominant , don't force him right handed
    Let him try n see what he feels is right ... Obviously will depend on what eye dominance he has also

    To me this forcing left ganders to go right handed is Victorian times mentality


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    You should go to the side of eye dominance. At that age it is easy to swap sides. It is especially important if he moves onto shotguns. Check his dominant eye and go to that side.
    I speak as a left eye dominant right handed shooter!

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    I am left eyed and left handed for writing and some other two handed things like cricket and hockey. But I am a blacksmith and I hammer right handed, and have trained myself to do most things to conform to the right handed world. Hand planing on a wood work bench right handed was memorably difficult to get over.

    Shooting, I always use rifles off my right shoulder. But when I started with a shotgun I had it cast for the left shoulder so I could keep both eyes open and be pointing the gun where I was looking.

    If your son is comfortable with it on his right shoulder/eye then no problem. It is difficult to unlearn muscle memory and habit should he wish to change later, but it is not impossible.

    If he is uncomfortable with it then get an air rifle with an ambidextrous stock which you can both use.


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    The thing about it is the main user will be yourself but he needs to see what suits him, He is young enough to learn to use both eyes and if it doesnt suit then buy the cheapest break barrel air rifle you can and Kiddon that he will use that one until you can get something more suitable for him. Just enjoy your time together.......

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    Understand the issue and I agree that he must make the decision as to what is more natural for him - over time. I would encourage trying to shoot off both shoulders, but he will take a preference.
    Why not have a rifle with a more ambidextrous stock - if just one air rifle, the Daystate Airwolf has a lovely ambi stock - but depending on his age, a lighter gun - an AA S200 for example might be more easily handled - again an ambi stock.
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    Sorry Paul, its not that I am forcing him into shooting right handed, as he has never really handled a gun before, so doesn't know which way around to shoot. I have a nice short .22 rimfire with an ambidextrous stock so maybe I will let him use that and see which way around he prefers, at least all my fly rods will fit him!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wylyetom View Post
    at least all my fly rods will fit him!
    The coarse fishing reels I had to use were all right handed


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