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Thread: Old but new to the site

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    Old but new to the site

    Hello everyone

    As the title say's old but new here as my stalking mates call me the "the old boy".
    I've been around shotguns for at least 60 years and in that time I have done wildfowling, rough and driven shootin.
    I came to stalking in 2003 and in that year purchased my first rifles a CZ .22 rimfire and a Winchester .243. The rimfire I still have but the Winchester had to go when I met a Tikka T3 light synthetic in .243 within a year I owned a second T3 light synthetic in .308 (my rifle of chose) both have Atec Maxim 4 moderators on them and Harris bipods.
    My main quaries are Red and Fallow deer plus the ellusive muntjac in the area I cover and Roe deer in Scotland when invited, I keep my eye in on rabbits and foxes.
    Still shoot at some driven birds but not so good as I was when younger
    I live in Staffordshire and that's about it folks

    Regards The Old Boy

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome Old boy

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    Enjoy your stay old timer...

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