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Thread: Stainless Steel Or Blued Barrel - Darn Choices!!

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    Stainless Steel Or Blued Barrel - Darn Choices!!

    Hey guys,

    I could do with some opinions here please...

    I had my sights (no pun intended) on a tikka 595 rifle that was reasonably priced. Wood stock/blued barrel with scope and mod and have been offered another with a synthetic stock/stainless barrel plus mod/scope etc for a mere 100 more. 500 vs 600

    What would you go for and why? Im leaning towards the SS barrel but never had a SS barrel or synthetic stock before.

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    You could buy the blued one and cerakote

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    Stainless will take less looking after but it's softer, chromoly will need more care but is harder than stainless. The exterior of both can be protected from the elements.

    Its choice I suppose.

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    I've got a wood and blued m595 and its lovely. Wouldn't change it. The wood is quality, as is the bluing and the finish quality in general. It isn't difficult to clean it, dry it and keep it maintained and the blued metal is less conspicuous than stainless when stalking. If you like wood and blued stick with it. One unimportant quality I like about wood and blued rifles is that they age well. They acquire a patina. SS/synthetics just get tatty.

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    Everything I have is wood/blued except for my 410 moderated shotgun which is synth stock.

    I wasnt going for it for ease of not having to look after it as much but some different reports on them say that the stainless lasts longer and is more accurate... Its a minefield!! and Im still unsure what to go for! its use is probably going to be 20% in the field and 80% on the range.

    Is there anything in the accuracy thing or???

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    I do not wont another chrome molly barrel, sick of them. They bore starts rusting within a few hours in our climate. When I come home after stalking a patch comes out brown on a rainy day. I don't like the look of stainless and rather have the stainless barrelled action ceracoated black.

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    My stalking rifles are all Stn/Syn rimfire aren't and shotguns are blue and wood.

    Don't ask me, I'm confused too...
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    I went for SS & synthetic as my rifle is a workhorse that gets used and abused. It all depends on what your using the rifle for, in what weather, environment and how often you use it. If 80% on the range then I would look at the quality of the wood stock and make the decision based on that.

    Hope this helps,
    ATB 243 Stalker
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    Thanks all for your input. I went with my head and got the wood stock.. The stainless just looked a bit "industrial".. That and the fact that the wood was 150 cheaper and was sent free RFD. I just hope its as good as I think its going to be

    I can always get a synthetic stock to swap it into should I be "roughing it" for a bit. They dont seem to costly.

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