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Thread: Finishing Antlers

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    Finishing Antlers

    I have found a discarded antler and have cut it down in size to turn it into a priest .

    I have boiled them but they are still quite smelly .

    Any advice on how to get rid of the smell and finish them?

    Should I soak in white spirit or varnish ?


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    Hi Sam

    If it was just the antler (as in no head attached) then there should really not be any need to boil it at all and unsure where the smell would be coming from unless you found it in a rank bog. Ones I have found have never smelled bad as there is nothing really on it - nothing to decompose.

    Though to answer the question, my method of getting rid of bad smells be it from my game bag, the roe sack or the dog bed is give it a rinse and hang it on the line until the smell goes away! Usually doesn't take that long really.

    Oh I'd also get yourself an introductory post up.
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