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    Poorly Roe

    Shot a roe buck last night that i hadnt seen before, he looked in body to be fine but when walking he was limping.Anyway shot him went over to look at him on first glance he had very long hoves on all four legs (have seen this before on this land ) looked in side his mouth only two teeth on front of bottom jaw and all the rest where missing,so started to gralloch him liver and kidneys were fine but i did notice on its stomach it had two lumps about four inches a part and two inches in diameter, they were soft so opened them up they didnt look like they were canceres but im no expert,has any body else seen this.
    He was 38lb larder weight.

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    Did you take any pictures of the stomach growths or the jaw by any chance?

    For morena's description of Aladdin's Slippers (upturned hooves) look here:


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    willie-gun sorry i am annoyed i didnt take any pics.

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