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Thread: Leupold Windage Adjustable Mounts

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    Leupold Windage Adjustable Mounts

    Hi All,

    While looking into the oil question I posed earlier, I found quite a few people complaining that the adjustable windage design was not reliable.

    The main complaint seems to be the screws coming loose under heavy recoil, but no one that I've found has said it has happened to them, just that it is a concern.

    Has anyone else seen this when used on .308 or similar calibers? - I have no idea whether this is classed as high recoil!

    Might be a little late for me to be realising this as I have already ordered some, but it's still nice to know all the facts!



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    Not a mans calibre but I've had them on my .243 for two years and after a few hundred shots the zero has never been affected.

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    Haha size isn't everything! Out of curiosity, what would you consider a man's caliber?

    Great news, I don't want to have wasted my money!

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    I always use these windage mounts on my .308Win.

    Set scope windage to mid position
    Boresight, adjusting horizontally using windage mount screws
    100m zero, again using windage mount screws then torge down to 60 in.lbs
    Then loosen ONE windage screw, apply Loctite Blue and retorque to 60 in. lbs
    Do the same with the other screw

    Finally zero on scope.

    There should never be a problem thereafter with movement on the mounts.

    Hope this helps

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    These mounts were developed by Redfield, and used on the U.S. Army and Marine Corps 1903A3 sniper rifles in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and innumerable shooting matches, so they are more rugged than you might think, by just looking at them. I have the Redfield one-piece base and rings on several of my 1903s, working fine.
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    have had these on my unmoderated .270 for around 10 years

    never moved

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    Worry not, just crack on following pinkfoots instructions but use Loktite 222?

    Mine have never moved.

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    Thanks everyone, I've ordered some Loctite (or the ripped off version that I could find on the Bay since no one seems to stock actual Loctite).

    Old Man, is 222 the medium strength blue stuff? - I know with enough 'enthusiasm' you can remove even the extra strength red stuff but I'd rather not risk shearing the bolt!


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    Thanks pinkfoot1 for the detailed instructions, these are very helpful.


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    I have Leupold adjustable mounts on my .223 (rear) and they have been faultless in over 10 yrs. Use blue loctite if need be.


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