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Thread: Lamps for Rabbiting with a .22 L/R and moderator

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    Lamps for Rabbiting with a .22 L/R and moderator

    OK I am looking for some advice here as this is new direction for me. Although I have shot a fair few Bunnies with the .22 L/R BSA Supersport and it's sound moderator I have never had a lamp and now find that I really do need one.

    Our rabbit problem is that we have been planting trees and the rabbits are now showing up with the ground drying out. Last summer they were a nightmare and we lost almost all our veggies to them and I see from shinning a torch round that they are showing up at night on the field now.

    My rifle has a 4x40 sight on it which I find adequete but if it comes to it I can change it for a more powerful scope. In this old photo it had a 4x32 scope on it:-

    It's the lamp that I need to get sorted out and there are so many different ones on offer so which do I go for? .

    Your help would be most appreciated .

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    Already replied once and seemed to have lost the post. Anyway here we go again.

    If you are shooting from a vehicle a roof mounted or hand lamp from Lightforce is the tops in my opinion. I also use the 170 lightforce with the battery when walking but that is a b!!!!!! heavy carry.

    The new gun mounted torch set up by Cluson is getting good reviews not cheap at about 120 quid. But of course none of the best lamp set ups are cheap.


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    Yes, the Masterlite Supreme from Cluson is an excellent piece of kit for either Air rifle or Rim fire. Has the big advantage that no external battery is needed. Very light and powerfull. It has a dim facilitry although this works the wrong way round! Bright to dim not vice vesa.
    You would'nt go rar wrong with one of these.

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    I use a scope mounted Deben Tracer Max Pro. It may sound a little overpowered but you have a control that you mount to the fore stock that not only has on and off but also varies the brightness. You can turn it down to the the range that suits you, and this is useful as when I use the red filter for rabbits I have it about 1/2 power but I can also have it on full power with the red filter for foxes out to 125mtrs or without at 200mts plus . Its good and light So I know lamping is best done in pairs but if you go solo then this is well worth a look. I picked my one up on ebay for 90 with battery, charger, adjustable switch and carry case.
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    I will be solo and on foot mainly so gun mounted seems to be the way to go?

    It's the 5 acres out back of the house that I am trying to cover. Intend to build a tower platform about 1/3 of the way up so I can see over the gowing trees as this will be an on-going operation until the trees are big enough to do without the protection. Have another 600 or so trees to plant next Jan/Feb so it will going on for a while.

    Now I have a few ideas and recomendations I will look at what the local gunshop has in stock and see what on offer.

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    Cluson have, I'm told, had a few problems with the Masterlite. I have no experience of this, just hearsay and the web. I personally use a Tracer max. It has plenty of beam for .22 ranges and has a filter. It can take a bit of centring on zero though, it uses a hex key affair. It's quite light, and I haven't felt the need to upgrade it yet, although I may do for something with a bit more range when I get a C/F and do more foxing.

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    Thank you all for your ideas and suggestions now as as tuck1 has mentioned use on a centerfire, something I had not considered at this time , perhaps iI should do so and get one that I can swop to a centerfire rifle should the need arise. I don't go Foxing as such but have shot a few trouble making Foxes over the years. A couple by lamp but the lamp was operated by a friend who asked me to help with these foxes. A local free range egg producer has been losing ducks and Chickens to the foxes to it's possible there might be a chance soem shooting there.

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    I do a lot of lamping for both rabbits and foxes - having tried most of the options out there, I'm convinced that the Lightforce series of lamps is the best by far in terms of clarity, reach and minimum loss of reach when used with a filter. For rimfire use, the LF140 is fine and very light when mounted on a rifle. For foxes, the LF170 is better (although I have an amber filtered LF240 Blitz mounted on top of my truck).

    The LFs have a couple of downsides - the external connectors are rubbish, so I replace them with Flymo plugs which are easy to use in the dark. The other weakness is the coiled wire - it's too heavy and cumbersome, so I replace it with heavy duty twin core cable from Maplin. Some people report problems with poor internal connections but I think they are usually caused by ther heavy coiled cable pulling on the switch connections etc - I haven't had any problems and I'm pretty hard on my lamping kit.

    All of my lamps have done 1000s of hours now without problems and account for about 2000 rabbits a year and 100+ foxes. If you buy a 140 and later decide you need a 170, you can just buy the reflector housing from Deben , as it will just screw straight onto the 140 handle. The dimmer is worth having but costs a lot more - I just built my own using an in-line potentiometer and switch housing from Maplin for about 4.

    If you are on foot, you'll not want to carry anything more than a 12amp/hr battery - I find that cheap 7amp/hr batteries in a backpack are more than adequate for most lamping sessions. If you're feeling flush, the new lithium ion battery from Deben is brilliant - light as a feather and lasts for ages, although for 130+ you'd expect it to catch the rabbits for you!


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    I have been solo lamping for decades, my original kit was (and still is) a Tigra SLE headlight (Ladds lamps) this is a 6v v lightweight lamp which fits on your head . I use a small 6-7amp battery which I wear on a belt. The head mounted lamp is excellent, it points were you look. For short sessions or say ratting I use a small battery in a clip on belt pouch which you can get from B@Q

    Originally I used a scope mounted Cluson Gullight, which was good but bulky.

    Now things have progressed and such set up are obsolete. I now use a Fenix TK10 250 lumens LED torch which is mounted using a Cluson mount. I just use it as sold but you can get a remote switch that can be located on the stock.

    The Tiablo range of LED torches are even better and use a similar CREE LED.

    We also have the new Cluson LED torch and mount. The mounting system is the best on the market, but in my view thw torch is just a little to big and bulky.

    Using rechargable Li ion batteries the LED torches run for ages ( like months) and it is v easy to carry a spare, which are about 15.

    On occasions we use the Tiablo on the C/F when out foxing, and with a good scope they will easily achieve 150yds.

    We still use hand help conventional lamps, Lightforce is good, but crap wiring and switches when out as 2 man team.

    If you want more details pm me.


    The torch is tiny, lightweight and has a pencil beam which will illuminate anything up to 100+m

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    Tiablo a10g narrow beam, rimfire or centerfire ....Excellent... range 200yrd plus
    loads of mounts and no heavy battery. try 'inovatech' website

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