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Thread: good boots

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    good boots

    Im looking for a new pair boots the price is not a problem just want to by once and buy write ive got altbergs at the moment and get on well with them but just after something new looking for something multi purpose so for stalking digging and being out walking a long way with the hound im think irish setter elk trekkers but im sure you guy with have a good idear of whats good and whats not

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    I swear by Meindl, i am currently wearing a pair of there Kansas models, I wear them to work/home/shooting/fishing/shopping, my last pair were the Burma model and with everyday use they lasted three years!

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    Well thats what im looking for something for digging at work and then going straight out stalking

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    I have the elk trekkers, and they are fantastic, only thing I would say is that mine are probably half a size too big which makes them perfect with thick socks on and sitting still in the cold and still allowing enough movement to keep blood flowing well, they're also super comfy (never had boots feel so much like slippers!) but, because mine are fractionally big, I wouldn't choose them for a long days hiking. That said, I'm sure if they were the half size smaller, they would be fantastic for that too, they are seriously nice boots, but get the right size according to your intended usage.
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    Irish Setter and Vasque are owned by Redwing. Some of the Redwings are of similar style to the Irish Setters, but come in narrower widths, too. Redwing is more of the work boot with some hunting boots, while Irish Setter is all hunting. If you can find a retail store, they have a computerized scanner that you stand on, which measures your feet, and shows the pressure points, so they can include the proper inserts.

    If you get the traditional all-leather ones, they make a good dressing, but I like the Danner dressing even better, and use it on all my leather boots.

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    I know you're after a change but if Altbergs fit your feet well then maybe just try a different model if you fancy a change? It's difficult to recommend boots as fit is far more important than anything else, assuming a good quality boot maker. I've worn Altberg boots for years (10+ pairs), in all sorts of environments, and being made in England is a bonus. Recommendations for boots are only worthwhile as long as the last suits your foot.

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    Meindl Dovre for me. Hunt in all weathers here and abroad, keep them waxed never let me down and I've had them a good few years now

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    Meindl's all the way...its the goretex that keeps the water out so don't slather them with stuff which will stop the goretex working properly...just a smear of the stuff that Meindl sell to keep the leather in good nick.

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    Meindl's leather is not what it used to be, they've cut corners and sacrificed on quality.
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    I have had a pair of Goretex Meindl Vakuum for a number of years. They are the most comfortable boots I have ever had. Waterproof, robust, easy to maintain and a good all rounder.

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