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Thread: This one gets its own back

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    This one gets its own back

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    Thats funny to watch, but I do pity the guy.

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    Glass jaw! One good blow, down he went.

    Makes you think, what happens the next time you are walking in to your high seat in the dark, dark early morning

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    I think he should count himself lucky it never put the head on him!!

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    Why had he not used his bow, Robin Hood would have had it on a spit by then!

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    Great clip but i`ve seen it before on when animals attack ( dont try this at home ) it was reported that he sprayed himself in elk piss and asked his wife to film the result,she commented that she thought she was filming the death of her husband,priceless
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    Should have sprayed him with carrot juice, then maybe he would have seen that bugger coming

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    Could have been worse, what would have happened if he'd used Doe piss instead?????


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    You're all wrong - that was from Trigger Happy TV with Dom Joly. The guys in the squirrel suits had the day off so the 'deer guy' filled in.

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