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Thread: Shotgun slip recommendations

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    Shotgun slip recommendations

    I'm wanting to get a new leather shotgun slip and wanted to know which ones are best. Happy to spend £300-500. Wanting something that will last and look good. 32" barrels need to fit in and full zip. Cheers.

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    I have just had a rifle cover made for me by Bishnym products. EMcM recommended them to me. They made it to order and it was delivered in just over a week. Very well made.

    It is great that you actually speak to the man who wields the shears and the Harness 6, rather than just a retailer.

    They do a wide range of leather slips and covers.

    I guess because they actually make them they are around half your budget...


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    look at the croots bridal leather slips i got one for my 40th birthday.
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    Croots made in Yorkshire at Norton
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    I really like the Napier slips - The one I have isnt leather but its slash proof and came with a security chain so you can lock the gun up in car if you need to.

    Plus its hard wearing as anything and has additional pouches on it for snap caps and chokes.

    Shotgun Slips, Carrying Systems & Air Line Approved Gun Cases

    Its the Protector 2 Smart Slip. Works a treat!

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    I picked up a leather gunslip by Musto - it's similar though not identical to this one: Musto Leather Gunslip

    I'm very happy with it.
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    I have a Brady one canvas which has given 40 yrs of service, they do make leather ones. The #5 thread is a little company just up the road from my uncles farm in Wales they do make very good stuff.


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    Have a look at the John Shooter kit. I have the gun slip, cartridge bag and game bag and they are superb
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    Another vote for croots.
    Got a shotgun and rifle slip here. Very nicely made.

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