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Thread: Quad bike winch

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    Quad bike winch

    Help please. I am looking for a winch to put on my Grizzly 600. What is the best value one to fit this machine.? Wf1

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    There was one for sale on here just recently - labrador77 perhaps?
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    Get one with a ballistic nylon rope on it, nicer to work with and you get more rope on the winch than you do if you use a wire rope. Mine is a Warne winch and way better than the super winches

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    Warne are good and easily available. The new material ropes are very good (no more splinters). I'm just about to add my remote control to mine so I can operate from the end of the cable rather than having to be on the quad.

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    You can't fit man made fibre ropes to all winches so check before you buy. Also supposed to use an alloy fairlead not roller type.

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    Thanks everybody all good information for me, very much appreciated. Wf1

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    Don't discount a Chinese winch for the time it will be used on a quad. Some of the better ones are ok.

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    Has anyone used a Dragon winch on a quad? Any comments welcome!
    Rod is right - on my quad one would get little use so can't justify spending too much.
    They look ok & are not silly expensive.


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    Make sure it has warranty then fit it and try it a few times. So long as it's reasonably smooth and the motor doesn't get too hot to touch then it should be ok. let's be fair here, most winches are there hoping they'll never be used, just an insurance policy.
    Got a Chinese one bolted behind the seats in my works Tranny, used to pull stuff in (Argo's / quads) and it works perfectly. Bought it used for about 20 ish.

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