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Thread: Diverse Sport Shooter & hunter; always seeking advice & knowledge

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    Diverse Sport Shooter & hunter; always seeking advice & knowledge

    Ladies and Gentlemen: My name is Russell, (Russ for casual reference), and I reside in the state of Wisconsin. I have a diverse exposure to many different competitive shooting disciplines and enjoy discussion with other hobbyists and professionals. My most preferred recreational shooting activity is long distance bench rest shooting, to include the occasional 1000 yard match or casual shooting opportunity. Although the bench rest activity I prefer most often here in the U.S. is 200 - 300 meter handgun silhouette shooting at both paper and steel targets. Of course, I indulge in hunting, fishing and many other forms of outdoor recreation. My favorite hunting rifle is my Sauer 202 Highland light alloy with a tube chambered in .308 Win. My other hobby is photography. Currently, I have approximately 3400 photos registered at the Library of Congress from around the world. I have traveled to China 3 times, ( in every province on trip 2), traveled throughout the entire EU, Ukraine, throughout most of southeast Asia, much of the middle east, Kenya, South Korea Japan etc. I lived on the German economy both as an active duty service member and a contractor. My German proficiency is a bit lousy considering the time of exposure, but I suppose sufficient to live and work in that country. I am very interested in the European hunting culture. Finally, my time in the UK was too brief. The folks are generally wonderful, courteous and receptive to inquiries and needs of others. Gotta go! Look forward to correspondence with you! Kind Regards, Russ M.

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    A travel 'resume' to be envied!, oh and welcome!


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    Hi welcome and nice to see a proper introduction for a change
    Next time you're walking down the street and see a homeless person go buy them a sandwich and a coffee, change of fate and it could be you one day !!!

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome Russ
    i can't help but remain slightly envious regarding the gun related freedoms that you enjoy over the pond that we have sadly lost. Long range handgun sounds fun! Is this a wheel gun event or some sort of shortened rifle affair?

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    Thank you. It's a privilege!

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    Thank you sir. It's my privilege to correspond with you about our common interest. I am a passionate recreational shooter who is a mere novice in comparison to those devoted old-timers I have learned so much from. I have these men and women to thank for much talent gained. (several of whom humbled me greatly at the Palma team try outs at Camp Perry, Ohio a few decades ago!) Before I began my bench rest shooting hobby with the Thompson Center Contender A frame handgun, I used a revolver often for short distance 100 meter bull targets. As a handgun shooter, I had never used a revolver or pistol for anything outside traditional IDPA or standardized target shooting before. This recreational shooting was done while in Germany, at MWR facilities owned and operated by the U.S. government as well as specific private German shooting clubs. When I returned to the U.S. for 2 years, I decided to experiment with non-commercial cartridges when possible. So, I began resizing .223 brass to a neck diameter of 7mm and reloading these casings. I have never yet reloaded the fire formed cartridges; the raw resized cartridges have performed equivalent to precision match rifle accuracy at 200 meters as well as awesome performance on the hunt and at the range. The 7mm TCU cartridge is fired from a 10 inch barrel on my TC with zero recoil and the power of a lightning bolt if bullet performance is correct on game. Two years ago I decided to purchase another barrel chambered in an older American commercial cartridge, since I my schedule no longer allowed for the range time and the reloading time. The .35 Remington is relatively easy to obtain at the local ACE hardware, more rarely at Wal-Mart locations, but much more convenient for me as a sport shooter and hunter with limited time. This cartridge, as most people, (except for hobbyists like myself), would never anticipate, had the same flight path and optic setting as the little 7, at 200 meters, but with a more suitable heavy bullet for larger game. The physics associated with reloading is very interesting. I can discuss my reloading data later. Let me just tell you that I was shocked at the level of accuracy this gun cartridge combination can produce at 200 meters, 1/4 m.o.a. under mechanical perfect stability, yet I an experienced shooter could hold 8 shots within a 3.5 inch circle with this tiny gun off the bench on a good day. Enough babble. Just a bit of info. for your leisure; let me know if you have any inquiries on reloading. I have to emphasize that I am a casual, recreational shooter with past experience as a competitor in various shooting disciplines. I only have a few big game animals to my name, but living here in Wisconsin is changing that quickly! Any questions I'm sure I can help you with from the most technical, (i.e. turbulence, harmonic instability, burning rates), to the most basic such as bore sighting a hunting rifle or field dressing a big game animal.

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    Welcome Russ, I thought I was 'Well' traveled! seems I am an amateur, with your experience in the shooting circuit you will fit in well, were the photographs taken as work or as a tourist, & can they be viewed?

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