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Thread: Black swollen lympe nodes

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    Black swollen lympe nodes

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	60502Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	60503This was a cull buck shot on my ground just started to prep for freezer after I gralloched it all was well on initial inspection but tonight I found these extremely enlarged nodes the bucks body weight was very poor and was infested with tick Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	60499 this is bottom of neck front of shoulder approx size 2" X1" I have more pics from jaw nodes etc but I carnt seem to upload them the only other thing I noticed was a very small liver which somehow seamed creased up for want of a better word
    on another note this year is the first year in 5 that deer have had no fluke and have her really been in til top condition
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    What was the gralloch like.....any pics?

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    Gralloch seamed fine although maybe rushed a wee bit due to being caught in a thunder storm but I did a quick check of nodes and nothing unusual pluck was ok bar liver seaming small and creasedup abit but had no liver fluke carcass bar nodes and being poor weight wise showed no sign of injury buck was moving ok even seamed happy running about etc

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    I'm going to throw very non specific 'infection' into the ring.

    I remember seeing similar pictures from pigs with African Swine Fever and horses with Equine Infectious Anaemia.

    Sometimes I see haemorrhage in the lymph nodes and kidneys on PM from animals that have died of septicaemia.

    There is a condition called anthracosis where carbon builds up in nodes from mining, dirty air, smoking etc. I add it for general interest and completeness, rather than as the diagnosis.

    I'm not sure I'd be in a rush to eat it. Were the kidneys OK?
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    It's now dog food kidneys again fine maybe a little small

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    Inclined to agree, non specific infection. Did the carcass set? The creased liver is probably old liver damage, mostly fluke related

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    Yes carcass set fine

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    Hope you are well Swatty. I've never seen LNs black like that, thanks for posting.

    I have had 'crinkly' livers before and put it down to fluke as it had been post a heavy burden.

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