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Thread: 95 grain SST'S IN .243

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    95 grain SST'S IN .243

    Hi I used 95 grain nosler in my .243 last season and was very happy with knock down power and the little damage caused. I can't get hold of Nosler heads now so have gone to 95grain SST'S. I am wondering if I can expect the same sort of outcome with these on a deer as I have shot foxes with them and they have really opened up on the fox and it is going to be a shame if a deer ends up in the same state as the foxes.

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    I love them for roe.

    Fearsomely accurate and very effective.

    The really appear to be that magical thing - proper controlled expansion.

    I've shot roe between 30 and 220 yards with them, and have only had one messy one (and that was a shot that went badly wrong as a result of poor shooting on my part).

    A clean chest shot, that doesn't hit shoulder, will give you a calibre sized entry and 2-3 inch exit. Critically, there is very little bruising and jellified bloody crap beyond the hole. Rear lung shots in particular are great because they really drain the lungs fast.

    A chest shot that does hit shoulder is (as always) messier - but surprisingly clean in comparison to some. Again - a big hole, but not much damage beyond the hole.

    I think they're about as good as you could hope for.

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    I now only use SST in my 243, and on muntjac to reds and they're good with little meat damage.

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