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    Metal detector

    Hi anyone from the Hexham area got a metal detector lost my knife in heather couldn't find it
    Ath tom

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    Quote Originally Posted by tom reveley View Post
    Hi anyone from the Hexham area got a metal detector lost my knife in heather couldn't find it
    Ath tom
    Tom, that's a ba***rd when that happens, get the local club number and get them to have a sweep they are always game, our local club would turn it into a competition between themselves, offer a few pints after.

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    Tom sent a PM

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    Good luck with this.

    I lost a treasured knife this spring, and spent the best part of 2 days metal detecting for it, with no luck.

    However! I took the precaution of going armed (this was Fife, after all), and shot 2 roe bucks in the process.

    If you do get a machine, make sure you get someone who knows it well to show you how to use it - it is NOT trivial!

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    Reminds me of the time I "lost" £40 on my permission. I went three nights that week trying my hardest to replicate an awkward twisty journey through the woods.
    After the third night went home disappointed for a shower and slipped on some shorts from the side of the bed and wayhey yes you guessed two £20 notes fell out of the pocket!!!!

    It turned out I'd changed my trousers just before leaving but after thinking about fuel money.

    Re-map your route whilst it is fresh in your mind as you'll be surprised how hard this can be if you, like me, don't follow footpaths.
    Happy hunting.

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    I lost my knife after gralloching a deer and couldn't find it after an hours searching. Didn't think to much of it as it was only a cheapy. Imagine my surprise some 2 years later when stalking in the same area I came across the "lost" knife, it must have fallen from its sheath while climbing over a fence. After cleaning it up it was still usable albeit for cutting string etc in the garage.
    Good luck finding your knife.

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