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Thread: Air rifle problem

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    Air rifle problem

    This is a bit off topic but I have been given a Weirauch break action air rifle -HW 80k in .22 cal. I cannot get it to group at 10 m -first shot-everything cold- is ok next 1" high, second 4"high and so on. Doesn't deviate much left and right. Scope is secure and action is solid in stock. Using Crossman pellets and trying Brocock no difference.

    I don't know much about air rifles but this is really annoying me. as the Bunnies in the Garden are really taking the micky . I wont shoot as I know that if I need a second shot I will probably miss!

    Any ideas?



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    I'd check whether the barrel has been bent . . . either by alligning it along a straight-edge or just by looking down the tube. I've seen this before where someone has managed to let-go the barrel in mid-cock and it resulted in some very large and strange groups.
    If the barrel is true, then I'd look at it's locking mechanism . . . again these can be damaged if the barrel is released part-way through the cocking stroke and slams back into battery uder spring pressure. Can you wobble the barrel when it's locked, particularly up-and-down.


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    Jeepers, if you're getting a 5" spread from a HW80 at 10 yards then something is SERIOUSLY wrong....!!

    It could be any number of things from a buckled mainspring to a bent barrel to a loose action in the stock....even the way you are holding it.

    I'd suggest getting it to a competent gunsmith to check the mechanical aspects first, then look at your technique; spring rifles need a gentle but consistent hold to get the best out of them; if you try and strangle it to "control the recoil", all you'll do is spray pellets all over the shop - although even doing that you'd be hard pressed to span 5" at that kind of range.

    What kind of scope is it? It may be secure on the rifle, but if the internals are FUBAR'd, then you're never going to shoot accurately. Have you tried a different scope/open sights? If you can group that way, then it's the scope....
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    Check your scope. An purpose built air-rifle scope is set with a very short parallax. That means you can focus and shoot at very short distances without the problem of a wandering point of impact.
    How to explain this?
    Set up a target at 10m, firmly fix the rifle so it does not move while aiming at the centre. Now move your head slightly from side to side. Do the crosshairs move dramatically away from the point of aim. If they do your scope in not suitable for an air-rifle. I had this problem with my first air-rifle, a BSA Meteor Super. The scope came off a .22 WRM (where it never missed a beat) and accuracy was shocking till I took the scope off and went back to iron sights.
    Of course it could just be that the scopes internals are not up to the jolting an air-rifle will give it and are loosening up.

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    I would agree with hibridfiat here is you scope a springer air rifle scope? Becouse springers have a lot of kick and most scopes won't cope very well with it after a short while failing that check all the normal things tight mounts tight in the stock ect ect and how you your self handed the rifle becouse it can make a massive difrence

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    10:1 its a chocolate scope

    springers have a nasty habit of eating cheap scopes as the recoil is fierce compared to PCP or piston/gas ram

    take the scope off and shoot the same with either no scope or a known good one

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    What Bewsher said, particularly if the first shot is accurate - sounds as if something is shifting then eventually settling back into place...

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    is the first shot o.k. every time you fire it with a break in between the shots, if so it may be dieseling as previous owner may have put oil in the compression chamber. Had several Weirauch and all were vey accurate and right on th12f/lds limit, as a youngster we would put 3 in 1 oil in the spring chamber to make our meteors have more poke, and watch the smoke come out of the en of the barrel. y need a strip and clan and re-lube with the modern products now available, just thought. deerwarden

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    Have you got a sound moderator fitted? If so check that one as they can cause the sort of results you're getting if they've been damaged.

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    That is a seriously crap group at ten mtrs, so something pretty obvious is wrong, check the crown, then try another scope and mounts, as this is probably the root cause, as springers can be very hard on scopes, especially cheap ones, Weihrauchs dont USUALLY like Crosman accupels so try some H&N field target trophy,RWS superdomes, and Air arms diablo field, chances one of those grouping well is strong, but it all points to a scope/mount issue.

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