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Thread: Doe in very poor condition

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    Doe in very poor condition

    I have this doe on my property which as can be seen from the photo is in very poor condition.
    It has been suggested she may have Coccidiosis (hope I spelt that right) any other ideas on what it might be.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Spelling is correct. 'Coxy' is the commonest reason game birds scour, I've never heard of it in roe but as sheep can get it I assume roe can.

    It's obviously sustained i.e. not diet. It's rare in deer and particularly in roe deer (based on my experience) but with reds on the farm (from memory) one would generally suspect (in order) intestinal parasites, viral diarrhoea or Johne's disease.

    A vet on here will, I am sure know more. Sadly - sod's law dictates it always seem to be does that might be suckling that you see in poor nick.

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    I will keep a close eye on her as far as possible. Thankfully the fawn is feeding on vegetation etc now so is not so dependant on her.

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    The fact she's had a kid is a good sign of course as she must have been in OK condition to calve and hopefully she can improve again.

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    I can see she's had diarrhoea but she doesn't look thin. What makes you say she's in very poor condition? Not judging, just trying to learn what made you give that assessment

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    Your spelling is correct! As she's an adult, it's most unlikely to be coccidiosis as most animals become immune with time. If she has a dependant, I'd do as you are and simply watch. NickJ's list of differentials is more or less correct, I'd take out viral disease and add in Yersinia. If she's still in that condition when/if you cull her, it would be interesting to get pictures of her gut at the gralloch. Jimmy may even like some gut samples!

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    I will go and stand in the corner with the dunces hat on.

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    could also be tb...make sure you check her thoroughly if you shoot her.

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    Not great, slot it.....

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