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Thread: Hand priming tool

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    Hand priming tool

    As as possible so Lee? with correct shell holder for .22-250...regards Lee....been let down by Sportsman gun centre, promised in stock should have come a week saying will be another week..

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    Henry Krank shows them in stock always good service remember shell holder comes separate
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    Oh yes they have them in stock, but the relevant Lee auto prime shell holder is out of stock until mid September.......thanks anyway

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    Hi Lee

    Got a shell holder here you can have.
    Remind me of your address and I will get it in tomorrow's post.


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    is that for the lee auto primer Steve? as apparently they have to be Lee auto primer shell holders, ordinary shell holders dont work......?

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    i can do you one for 22.50 posted sorry meant to add another 5 for shelkl holder im blind you know
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    pm me paypal details spud.....cheers

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    Hi Lee,
    If the shell holder doesn't come with Spuds auto primer. Then this one is for the Lee auto prime.

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    I ordered a new one from the sportsman online sunday night and it arrived today ( Tuesday ) its also a lee so I cannot complain. maybe its the shell holder that's not in stock.

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    the cheeky barstools..ordered mine 2 weeks ago.....think i will ring again tomorrow...boil some arses

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