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Thread: Muntjac - Enlarged Sub-Orbital Gland

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    Muntjac - Enlarged Sub-Orbital Gland

    A French client out last night shot this muntjac with an enlarged sub-orbital gland. Sadly, I was not guiding

    I've not seen one like this before, but doubtless others have. Would be interested to know the possible cause. Pictures below:


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    Any other abnormalities? Enlarged glands in humans can be a sign of an underlying infection - no idea if it is the same in deer.....

    A couple of seasons ago Bandit, my cocker bitch, was off colour and after various tests the vet diagnosed her with a low level but persistent infection that he zapped with an extended course of antibiotics. The glands in her neck and hocks were clearly enlarged. During treatment they reduced to normal apart from the one under her right jaw which remains, to this day, slightly enlarged. The vet's verdict is that it is nothing to worry about and happens sometimes. Perhaps this beast has had an infection with the same result?

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