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Thread: Reloading 243

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    Reloading 243

    Hi guys having a bit of a crisis of confidence more than anything not been reloading for a good time as most of my shooting was factory ammunition now I have a bit of time on my hands and this is my problem.
    If I re-size the brass it is some what sticky on closing the the bolt.
    If I use need un fired brass it slips in like butter and the bolt closure is effortless.
    I have been trying to seat to the lands with a 87 grain V-max just taking up 10 thou a time till the bolt closes but as I said above I've seated a couple of heads one in once fired and on in new and the difference is noticeable though if I put both cases in my lyman headspace gauge there's no noticeable difference.

    Your thoughts please
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    Has the fired brass been fired in your rifle or another ?
    There are several threads on this subject if you do a search. The most likely solution is to screw the die in a little further so that the case is fully resized.
    Have you checked the length of your fired brass ? If it has become too long, that could cause the problem too.
    I am located just south of Peterborough and would be pleased to help if you want to call in.
    Good luck.

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    Does it fit without a bullet ?

    If so, then it would seem that you are already in the lands.

    Those 87 grainers aren't fussy over jump, so I wouldn't worry about loading them close, just use the factory specs.
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    That's really good with the help of a couple of guys on here I've got to the bottom of the problem but I've had a look on here in the older posts and there's a number of post re the 87 grain vmax has anyone got a recipe to suit h4895 h1000

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