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Thread: cz 527 trigger

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    cz 527 trigger

    can anyone identify this trigger please, its in my cz 527 .22 hornet, the seller told me it had been to syss to have a timney trigger fitted, I spoke to roger @ syss, who said they don't do timney triggers, only basix, as I wanted to try the original cz option, alas he cant find it, atb rayClick image for larger version. 

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    Looks very much like a stock CZ trigger.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yep looks like my CZ527 trigger. Works a treat once adjusted be foolish to change it.


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    yes your right, only trouble is its had the set trigger option disabled and I don't know anyone who can put it right, atb ray

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    any decent gunsmiths should sort it,,,,wouldn,t think it would be that much to fix or replace,,atb doug

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    To be honest I don't use set trigger as the main trigger can be adjusted very crisp and light that it works as good as. I'd try that first before worrying about set trigger.

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    Set trigger van be adjusted out, trigger just needs re-adjusting, takes all of ten minutes.
    Just follow the instructions in the handbook.


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    +1 hornet6, even i managed to do mine, just be double sure you follow the instructions, it is possible to adjust it too light so that the rifle will fire with the slightest knock, i also found that if adjusted too light the bolt would not cock every time it was cycled.

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    As above. From your picture I think the screw is in too far thereby disabling the set facility. The small screw at the front of the trigger is the set control. Make sure unloaded and then screw set trigger screw out and the trigger should then work. Adjust the sensitivity by screwing in/out to receive desired level. Do NOT set too light as you may get a shock when loaded.

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    just googled it ill have a go at it tonight, thanks for your help chaps, atb ray
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