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Thread: Which night vision scope should i buy???

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    Which night vision scope should i buy???

    Hello, im looking to buy my first night vision scope and could do with some advice. It will be used to foxing and boar and is to be mounted on my Blaser R93. Im looking to spend about 1500. Can you Help?

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    Look on the Scott Country website and have a good ratch about there. It's a mine of information and they have a good selection so you can get a good idea of prices. If you see something that might fit the bill for what you want, then they might have a video too, but you can also search for it on YouTube, there's quite a bit of footage shot "through the lens".

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    Buy a Drone pro from Carl Moore at Night Vision Gear and you'll have the best digital night vision scope available
    Lots of info on Night Vision equipment here - Index page



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    Hi Drone pro 10 all the way. Also very good as a day scope,

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    Hi chugga,

    Check the mounting options for whatever you decide on if it's a dedicated scope. The last time we fitted an NV scope to a blaser the saddle mount was about 200-300! I still have a spare on in stock gathering dust lol. So bear that in mind with your budget.

    If you go for the Drone then you might need one of the extended ones too due to how it mounts.

    If your day scopes are suitable then this might be worth looking at:


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    High end night vision digital, tubed and thermal monoculars, rifle scopes, clip ons, add ons, IR Illuminators and accessories.

    Digital, thermal and tubed night vision rifle scopes - Handheld thermal imagers

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    I have had Photon but now have a Drone 10x, no comparison in image quality at all and the Drone appears to hold zero well

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    Can you even buy a drone pro at the minute? They seem to be out of stock and have been for some time on the website

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    register on the website and you will get an email when each batch arrives. Be prepared to order straight away

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    Hi Chugga, If your going for an add on scope for your rifle rather than a dedicated night vision scope do yourself a favour and get a ATN PS28 WPT which stands for white phosphorus tube the night vision image is black and white and shape i bought mine from PAul at Scott country I went down to their test range and tried a few add ons this is the one to go for and its within your price range doesnt need an extra IR but if you do add one like i did with a good quailty night master its steps up the range and quality again good luck but I caant go past this NV add in superb

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    With your budget drone pro any day of the week .
    Love mine & Carl Moore has excellent customer service too


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