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Thread: Fixed Mag Scope - Advice Please

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    Fixed Mag Scope - Advice Please

    I'm looking at getting an additional scope for my rifle. I've got a decent variable scope already, but am after a fixed magnification scope as a good-quality spare, and had singled-out the S&B 7x50 and the Swaro 8x50. It would be for woodland stalking only, so unlikely to be used over 200yds. Does anyone have any advice or opinions on either of these scopes? Thanks.

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    get a 7x50 meopta or 6x42 s and b ,or 8x56 s and b,i have the 56 and a 7x50 and they are brilliant,if i had some spare cash i would get two more for my rimmies!! ps quite a few bunnies and deer around your neck of the woods ,,,last time out at leyburn 154 bunnies,,,atb doug,,
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    These work for me:
    Sightron Series 11 6x42 (Not produced anymore but you can still track down some stock abroad)
    Meopta Artemis 7x50 (available with IR or non-IR) - I suggest you buy this online in the Eurozone, for a better deal than is available in the UK.
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    I've used a Meopta 7x50 and then a Zeiss 7x50 for pretty much all of my stalking at home and abroad for years.

    The meopta was an older gloss tubed one, tough as old boots and optically very good, good full stop - not just for the money.

    The only issue I had was that the 4b reticle was rather fine and with the thick parts of the crosshairs being rather wide apart the aiming mark could get lost on dark coloured deer at last light.

    I then moved to a Zeiss 7x50 with an illuminated reticle for that reason.

    The good thing about having a fixed power scope is that, in the first instance, there is nothing to think about in regard to the scope, you just throw the rifle up and start aiming, and in the second that you always have the same sight picture through the scope on game. This means that it is very easy to guess the rough range of a deer, at least in terms of "bang on", "halfway up", "top of shoulder" and "too far" without having to faff about.

    I like them very much.

    I like a variable with a bit more power for things like culling out of highseats, neck shooting, varminting, etc but for a no-nonsense stalking rifle I choose a fixed power scope.

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    I rate the Swaro 8x50 as damn near perfect for a woodland - or any stalking - rifle. The various 7x50 are very good also, I have a meopta here, I am sure the Zeiss will be excellent. My eyesight is crap, I find a 6x42 a little short on mag for general use. My variables are nearly always used at 7 or 8x unless I am shooting gongs or working up loads on a bench.

    If the budget will run to the Swaro or the Zeiss, then by all means buy one.

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    Personally I like the 6x42 for all round use. I have a Swarovski habicht, Zeiss and a Meopta and nothing much to choose between them. I like the Meopta reticle for rabbits and small targets, the standard 4a in the other two for deer. As a backup the Meopta takes some beating. I also have an Optimate ( Edgar brothers?) that was on the 22 which is a good scope and serves as a spare.

    To to be really useful as a spare, it needs to have a set of mounts so it can go straight on and be pretty close to zero. If you are on fixed mounts or non rail type, then mount, sight in and then using some tape, make a couple of witness marks against the mounts. Remove and mount scope you intend to use full time. By doing so if away on a trip and scope fails it is not a big job to re zero.

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    Either of these will be very good. Keep an eye on the used optics pages on here, something suitable will turn up.

    You could also consider a new S & B 8x56 from MacLeods of Tain for 475 , they also have a couple of used S & B 7x50 I was considering their 7x50 but went with a new 8x56 for the same money.

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    I use a S&B 8x56 which I really pleased with,my other scope which I've had for over 15 yrs now is a 6x42 Swarovski,absolutely bomb proof taken loads of knocks inc being dropped and still held zero,you won't go wrong with either makes

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    Thank you all for your advice; I've bought myself an 8x50 Swarovski from one of the site's members.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flipflop View Post
    Thank you all for your advice; I've bought myself an 8x50 Swarovski from one of the site's members.
    Enjoy it mate you have a cracker of a scope,be good to,hear how you get on with it,what reticle does it have?

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