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Thread: Scope Suggestions for Tikka 595 .222

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    Scope Suggestions for Tikka 595 .222

    Ive just got myself a Tikka M595 in 222 and its come with a bushnell elite 3200 9xmag scope but I want to do a bit of target on the 200 yard range too so I thought a 24x mag would be just up to the job.

    This is where the problem starts, Ive got about 200-300 quid maximum to throw at one that the missus doesnt know about but I cant seem to find anything except for chinese fakes and copies which seem to be littering the websites.

    Can anyone suggest a scope or seen one that might be suitable and fall within my budget?

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    The cross hair on the Bushnell only covers 1/4 inch at 100 yards at 9 power, so how small a target are you shooting?
    You should try it before deciding you need a Hubble. My 2 cents.

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    I'll second that. At 200, any reasonable x8 or x9 will do.

    I was able to get very respectable groups at 200 with my .222 using a Leupold 3-9x50. A little harder with an S&B because the reticule is thicker, but with the right aim point (4 black sqaures arranged to form a white cross, if that makes sense), not impossible.

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    I get too giddy thats my problem

    Youre right.. Ill give it a go first before I spend any hard earned... If I can get on with it then Ill put the money to better use in reloading kit... finger crossed!

    Thanks for the advice!

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    Firstly,may I say,you made a fine choice with both rifle and calibre. There's a fair few on here that shoot that combination. I use a 5-30 Z6,as I like to see everything,but that comes at a price and it's not 2-300 quid. The Bushnell you have is an excellent scope and will serve you well for long range rabbits,but if you're serious about 200m target shooting,you will surely need more mag at some point. My advice would be to carry on with the Bushnell until you've saved enough for the scope you want. 250 or even 300 yards is possible with the .222 and to get the most out of it,a fixed 9x isn't enough,but that's just my opinion
    If you're loading for yourself and are looking for a few pointers,drop Me a line. Regards

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