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Thread: Harris Bipod

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    Harris Bipod

    I have a harris Bi-Pod and the thin foam [black] padding that sits between the Bi-pod and the stock has come free and is not helping to keep the Bi-Pod located properly.

    Has anyone experienced this and have any suggestions as to what I could replace it with?

    Thanks in advance


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    I haven't had that problem with either of my Harris bipods. You might try this:

    There's a Hobbycraft in Swindon if that helps?


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    I have some thin self adhesive foam I can post to you, if you pm me an address?

    its in one inch squares but you could add as many as you like together.

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    Thanks Fellas will look into it.

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    i thought it was leather

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    RF. I have used sandpaper to roughen the spacer and metal and then superglued it all back together. If the spacer is lost, B&Q have sticky backed foam tape and that could be used as a replacement. Rgds JCS

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    thats basically what I have sent him.

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    Cheers All. Bobt the stuff arrived today thanks

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