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Thread: 6.5x55 Remington 700 semi custom

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    6.5x55 Remington 700 semi custom

    6.5x55 Remington 700 semi custom rifle for sale plus scope and reloading components
    HS Precision sendro stock with aluminium V block , black with grey stippling, two sling studs, accu shot pickatiny rail fitted for atlas type bipods.

    Jewell trigger with top safety, 1.5lb pull can be adjusted, comes with 3 different springs for 3 different amounts of adjustable pull weights.
    Pac-Nor stainless super match premium grade barrel, vapour blasted, finished at 21in , 18x1 thread , throated out for 120gr bullets although it does shoot 140gr .
    Ken Farrell scope rail.

    Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56 mill dot ret, two slight ring marks from previous owner , ( NOT crimped at all ) tracks and dials faultlessly, Millet 30mm scope rings.
    Redding S type Match dies with also a redding body die
    lee case length trimmer, Hornady modified case

    1000 LR primers, 900 LR magnum primers , 600+ 120gr Sierra pro hunters
    150 Nosler 140gr BT ( yet to try these)
    2 full sealed tubs of N160 + 3/4 tub of open N160
    load data for Nosler 120gr , Sierra 120gr pro hunters and target 123gr scenars
    the deer loads drop them on the spot and I find this recoils less than my 243 I had in the same configuration, in good condition looked after , round count 800 aprox Very accurate rifle
    all barrel and trigger work carried out by the master Neil Mckillop
    can RFD if required and also try before you buy if you wish
    rifle WILL be sold 1st then the buyer has the option to buy the rest
    Any items that are left will be sold via a separate thread until that point I will not accept any 1st
    dibs on this and that
    Rifle , rail , rings 850
    Rifle , rail , rings , scope 1500
    rifle, rail, rings, scope , dies, bullets, primers, powder 1900

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    All PMs answered to
    I have been asked several times why I am selling it, I have been a stalker on a local estate for several years now.
    My family/work life has got busier and busier over the last year or so to which point I have given the stalking up.
    As I have a 6MM BR in the cabinet I will now use that to take the odd deer for my keeper mates and do the odd bit of plinking/target shooting as and when I can get out.
    This rifle has been mainly used for deer stalking as I had a cull plan to reach and the meat went to the local estates and most of my shots were neck shots and I am a bit of an accuracy nut, therefore I will only own an accurate rifles. I have used this rifle for a bit of target shooting when I went to the Isle of Skye one year and also a bit of long range varmitting with the Nosler load on 600+ yard bunnies in Wales. The barell/ trigger on this rifle is just over 2 years old and it is a very accurate gun and a bargain, buyer will not be disappointed
    thanks all for your interest

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    Sorry to hear you are stopping the stalking, have a bump on me, I have seen this rifle in the flesh and it's a real gem, shame I don't have the slot or I would take it at this price. atb

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    Rifle sold pending
    thanks for all the interest ��
    will advertise what's left on a separate thread at some point

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