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Thread: pencil drawing roe head

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    pencil drawing roe head

    Hi all just wandering has any one got a good pencil drawing of a roe head and one of a good red stags head . cheers all. Neil

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    What sort of angle do you want on the roe head? Straight on/Side on/at an angle?

    Let me know and my wife says she will have a go at drawing one.



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    Hi stuey want it for a tatto on my thigh and a red stags head.? cheers Neil

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    Neil, getting a tattoo is not something to be taken lightly, I have always wanted a deer tattoo but I'm not allowed! I have a book called 'Open Season' by Roger McPhaill, who is, in my opinion the best wildlife artist working in Britain today. There are several deer sketches in it that may be suitable to copy (no idea of the copyright implications?) Even if you don't copy one directly, they would be useful to show to the tattoo artist to help them get a feel for the animals. If you are serious about getting it done I would be happy to post you my copy of the book on loan as long as I got it back. JC

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    Hi Biglad,

    I am thinking about the same thing (not a red though) I would be interested to see any already done if any stalkers have them?

    JC275, Will look up the book you mentioned also the artist and yes once you have a tattoo it is not easily removed!

    Now where could i fit a roe head on my body??
    I could probably have bought a rifle or good optics with what i have spent on them, but even the best one would not be with me all my life as are my tats.

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    neil if you have a photo of a head you want my bosses daughter is drawing for a tattoist i could ask her she would put it on the transfare paper for you .

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    I have a print of a pencil drawing by KEITH SYKES he has a web site and is based in cumbria its very good

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    Try page 71 of :-

    The Complete Shot by James Douglas.

    The drawings and pictures are by Alan B Hayman

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    Attachment 896

    This blows up to a good printable size on the site Ive tried it just keep clicking the picture ,this book has a few good pencil drawing in it .
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    Cheers lads thanks for the info .jc i will lend the book if i can mate i will send it rigth back many thanks Neil i allready have a few tats so its not a hasty desision.
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