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Thread: Theft

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    Hi Just seen this on Facebook.

    In the early hours of this morning after a night out lamping, whilst sat having a cup of tea with the game keeper before leaving for home, my hilux was broken into, and my blazer R8 with GRS stock and match barrel, with Swarovski Z6i sat on top and my remmy 700 with long bow sat on top was stolen along with all my night vision gear. This was taken from the S****horpe area and as I am not insured, I am offering a large reward.

    I hope they don't mind me posting on here. Just shows it can happen to you.
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    Was the motor "on site" ? At that time in the morning would it be someone in the know ?

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    Insured or not he won't be needing a new set up as he can no doubt say bye bye to his FAC aswell.

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    You have to be a proper idiot to think stealing that kind of gear will not come back to seriously bite you on the ar*e.

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    And the bolts were where?

    Wouldn't wish it on anyone.
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    Got to be someone that knows whats what!,set of b======s,

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    I just saw this on the news. The reporter said the bolts had been removed from the rifles.
    Best of luck to you Jim, I hope they catch the b@stards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mudman View Post
    Insured or not he won't be needing a new set up as he can no doubt say bye bye to his FAC aswell.
    I'm not sure that this is a very helpful assumption.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalua View Post
    I'm not sure that this is a very helpful assumption.

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    Clearly being watched by someone local (or transiently local?)
    Bolts removed may save his ass. Scopes can be sold separately although should be serial numbered and registered. Blazer is worthless (even with the bolt if you ask some folk!).
    I just love the way that the word **** is blocked out even in S****horpe. There is clearly a **** there though and let's hope he is caught! It may even have been stolen just for the scopes and the NV gear which is worrying for the local deer population!
    A good reminder for us all not to be complacent ever as you never know who's watching! We all think we are discreet, but a muddy 4x4 with a shooting cage or similar is blatantly obvious to us as well as others!

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