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Thread: .308 Lyman All American F/L dies

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    .308 Lyman All American F/L dies

    Attachment 60583Attachment 60584Attachment 60585Attachment 60586Hi,
    I have found a set of .308 f/l Lyman dies whilst having a clearout in my dad's loft.

    They have a hard chrome finish, looks good.

    The sizer die has been in touch with the press at least twice, have tried to show on pics.

    Also the de-cap pin needs replacing.

    The seater die has a little bit of rust around the base,internally it is perfect though.

    The locking ring is via a small flat head screwdriver, so no allen key in box.

    On the plus side the original instructions and box are included.

    I would take 10 collected, or postage is 3.70 second class signed for, or 4.10 first class.


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    i will have thanks pm inbound

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