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    Carcase Handling

    Been looking to modify a quad trailer to include a couple of racks where I can bag and tie beasts travelling from field to larder rather than stuffing them behind the quad or loading them on top of it. So I've been looking to have a couple of different sized draw string bags made up from waterproof canvas, round in profile that will accept everything from muntjac to fallow. The larger deer would be part prepared, head and lower legs removed and still reasonably flexible. What diameter and length of bag do members think it will take for beasts up to Sika stag size to slip inside?

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    ask rodp on here he makes those heavy duty drag bags,

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    Defo speak to rodp. I have one of his drag bags. It is awesome.

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    You could put them in a bag, which will help keep things clean etc. But you'll still have to mess around tying them on the rack etc. Or as you say have a trailer. Not sure what your ground is like but plenty places on mine where a trailer would prevent access.
    Here's what I have. Basically a decent rack made for front and rear, with suitable size carcass tray to hold animals. Easy to lift onto quad without getting covered in blood and still allows carcass to cool.
    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	60593 I have two trays so can have one on front and one an rear racks. Quite easy to fit a good size sika or fallow in each.

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