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    is there a way to silence the switch on a t20/t50 illuminater please, atb ray

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    turn the torch on.and then turn the battery cap/switch a 1/4 turn open. this brakes the contact. if its on the scope then a 1/4 turn back turns it on. if its as a spotter then hold body of torch in hand and up to the side of your face, with the thumb up you push side of the battery cover up, this turns the torch on until you relax you thumb. being up by your eye you get better eye glow from fox/rabbit.

    the rats tail is just as clicky. been swapping the leds around in the torches and modifying for a few years and with all of them, its the tail clicky that lets them down, even the nightmaster.

    if yu want a rats tail go to clive ward at nvscopes. about 6 the last time i looked

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