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Thread: Case Depriming tool

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    Case Depriming tool

    I picked up one of these Frankford Arsenal "universal depriming tool" and I must say it is a nice piece of work. Very handy for depriming cases before cleaning.~Muir
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    Looks like a nifty bit of kit, I gather all the primers get collected in the pocket on the end.


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    They do. You can sit in front of a bucket and use the tool, catching the primers in the tube and auto ejecting the cases into the bucket. Then off to the cleaning. It is really slick. I decapped some crimped military 308. No problems.~Muir

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    I saw this at IWA in March and thought it looked good, so I'm happy to hear it is. I'm not sure it's reached us in the UK yet, though.
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    If it does, you may be happy with it. I am with mine. I did a handful of 204 last evening -which are a tedious case to do in a Lee Universal Decapping Die. Smooth as silk with no lost cases due to misalignment.~Muir

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