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Thread: Big red quad

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    Big red quad

    Morning ,could anyone on here give me rough estimate on a Honda big red quad ? It's 25 years old roughly done very little work in good condition ?
    Many thanks

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    A grand tops a set of decent tyres can set you back 400 so bear that in mind too

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    I paid a lot less for mine but it needs a bit of work and it's a bit faded. Needs a service,possible carb problem and front brake needs sorting. Other than that it works fine so I'm hoping to have it complete on the road and if I were to sell, which I'm not, I would hope to get about 680 ish.
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    Many thanks I have been told because of its condition between 1000 and 850 ,

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    850+ for 25yrs not bad depreciation, next it'll be an antique
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    Many thanks I have been told because of its condition between 1000 and 850 ,

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    Most old but decent quads in good working order and with fair tyres and plastics in reasonable condition (by the very nature of the beast they aren't going to be sparkling, but should at least be the right shape) seem to change hands around the 1000 mark as a minimum. With one over about ten years old, condition is more important than age.

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