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Thread: sako P94S .22lr magazines

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    sako P94S .22lr magazines

    I know it's a long shot but does anyone have a 5 or 10 round P94s magazine they are willing to sale or possible swap.

    I have a spare lyman No.55 powder thrower that I'd be willing to swap for a couple of mags.



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    Quote Originally Posted by mealiejimmy View Post
    Plenty P94 mags here Sako - Sako Finnfire -


    Agreed there are some new mags on that site, and as a last resort I may place an order.

    I do however like to try and do my bit for the environment and buy/recycle unused and unloved shooting items.

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    Hi Liam, I have a 5 and a 10 shot mag , don't think they have been used
    pm me
    regards jab

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