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Thread: 6 Gun Security Cabinet fitted in pine cabinet 120

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    6 Gun Security Cabinet fitted in pine cabinet 120


    This may be of interest to those who are looking for a decent sized cabinet that can be hidden in plain view without the expense of bespoke furniture.

    It is a steel 6 gun cabinet that fits exactly in a Lancashire Pine wardrobe (that alone cost about 400 ten years ago). The back panel has been removed to allow the steel cabinet to be fixed to the wall leaving space inside for all sorts of shooting related equipment.

    Below the main wardrobe compartment there are two half width drawers and one full with drawer. These are well made and are strong enough to fill with heavy items like shotgun cartridges. I mounted a smaller ammunition safe next to the larger 6 gun cabinet as can be seen in the picture, but the small cabinet is not included in the sale.

    So far this cabinet has been approved for my FAC and SGC several times, by two constabularies, so I guess it comes with the police approved description. There is a small amount of acrylic resin stuck to the back of the cabinet around the bolt holes from when I bonded the cabinet in one house and the brown hammerite paint is a bit flaky on the top of the cabinet but this cannot be seen when mounted in the wardrobe.

    Dimensions of wardrobe 105cm wide, 182cm high and 55.5cm deep

    Cabinet 127 x 24 x 39

    Attachment 60612Attachment 60613Attachment 60614Attachment 60615
    Collection only, approx 3 miles from J35 of the M6.

    Looking for 120 for the lot

    Thanks for looking
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