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Thread: FC Deer Control Licences - Kielder

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    FC Deer Control Licences - Kielder

    Two large areas on roe in Kielder Forest.

    Details now not on FCs site but central government procurement: https://www.contractsfinder.service....b-af7c55473d73


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    nick this was tendered 2yrs before kingsdeer on here spent 3 days doing all the paperwork and it was already taken by a contract stalker crossing the ts and dotting the i comes to mind
    atb tom

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    Quote Originally Posted by tom reveley View Post
    nick this was tendered 2yrs before kingsdeer on here spent 3 days doing all the paperwork and it was already taken by a contract stalker crossing the ts and dotting the i comes to mind
    atb tom
    Believe me Tom it's more than their job is worth for the FC WRM not to award a contract to anyone other than he who scores highest. This is a contract for contract stalkers and he must have scored higher I'm afraid. Added to that the WRM in this case Philip is as sound a person you will ever meet.

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    Agreed Nick. Scoring for all FC (and Government in general) public procurement tenders is totally transparent and subject to challenge and FOI request.

    Spend all the time you like on the paperwork but if you don't fit the tender requirements (i.e. recreational stalker who is unlikely to meet the cull targets) then you aren't going to win the bid.

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    Last time 2 contract stalkers were already on the ground at keilder a lot of people applied for the contract funny enough the 2stalkers on site were given the contracts so why did they advertise paper exercise but they let everyone do lots of work to cover there arses
    Ath tom
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    the value of the contract is 105, 000.
    Eh is this for real?? how big a job is this. Surely this would employ several people on a healthy wage to shoot deer all year round?? how big is this area?

    i think I'm in the wrong job! am I missing something.

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    guys, don't see numbers and get excited. Take off your fuel, running costs, commercial insurance and tax and you'll be a little knocked. Being Englandshire there is no night shooting and it's all day work, and often against the weather.

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    And the distance from the larder to your beat con be up to 30 miles each way every time u shoot a deer!!!,don't get all exited boys this contract will be hard work
    only when the last tree has been felled,the last fish caught and the last river poisoned will man realise he cant eat money

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    Quote Originally Posted by tom reveley View Post
    so why did they advertise paper exercise
    Because Public Procurement rules (originating in the EU no less) LEGALLY bind all public bodies to openly tender all opportunities over a certain value. This may be on the bodies own tender page or, increasingly, on the central Government procurement site.

    Believe me there are times when it would be much easier & cheaper and would get a better result just speaking to Joe Bloggs but it is simply not an option. This system often puts off "the wee man" but Pubic Bodies have no choice in the matter and to help often run courses in "how to bid for public contracts". All bidders should go in with their eyes open and should also be aware that offerings like the one mentioned in the OP are not designed for recreational stalkers. They are designed to efficiently managed deer numbers and ensure the job gets done.

    In the case you mention the 2 contract stalkers must have put the best bid in - not unheard off for someone to win a bid twice running and they would admittedly have had the advantage of knowing the ground and therefore were in a better position to judge the costs involved in this contract, but that doesn't mean there was any dishonesty in the award

    Equally it is very frustrating when you have a good current contractor (in what ever field) who must re-tender and then loses out to a lesser known quantity - but rules are rules

    Before you ask - I am not an FC ranger, but am involve in public procurement in another sector
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    Slider, You have what reads like a Freudian slip in there bud!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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